Arms and Sleepers: Godsend during Finals Week

Posted on December 12, 2010


Do you ever find yourself searching for the right music to study, relax, or sleep to? Boston’s Arm and Sleepers is a trip-hop/ambient duo that defines calm. With most of the music instrumental and slow, beautiful and intoxicating, this is my new favorite band during finals week.

With two albums and eight EP’s, I’m surprised Arms and Sleepers hasn’t popped into my life earlier. It wasn’t until last week when the stress of finals was starting to sink into my brain when someone introduced me to this music that instantly made me feel at ease. With beautiful sounding beats and intelligent instrumentation, this had become my new favorite band. Their sound just screams winter to me. I can picture myself watching the snow fall as they play on my iPod.

In January they’ll be putting out 2 very special limited releases. The first will be a hand-made and packaged DVD containing a lot of their live visuals and music videos. The working title is “Preventing Lead Poisoning in Young Children: a DVD by Arms and Sleepers.” It will be limited to 100 copies, hand-numbered, and all proceeds will be donated to the World Food Program. So, you can watch their visuals at home while your money is helping those in need. Pre-ordering will begin in a few weeks, and will ship in late January. Here’s one of the videos that will be included on the DVD:

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